Today, the technology in electronics is developing faster than ever. The demands of miniaturization and high-speed technology are accelerating the development of PCB processes and materials. Energy efficiency, power density and integration of new functionalities are increasingly important to our customers. The design process is reversing: PCB technology is no longer dictating product design, but visa versa.

At Viapaq, we continuously develop our knowledge, and upgrade our processes and equipment to remain at the forefront of the latest technological developments. This is how we ensure that our customers receive the best solution for their specific needs.


  • SMT placement including: 0402, QFNs, BGAs, LGAs with 5ppm quality level
  • Placement of BGA and SMD up to 0402 and fine pitches up to 0.5m
  • Reflow with automotive standards (IPC-A-610 class3). including both leaded and leadfree (RoHS) processes
  • Solder paste or glue printing possible
  • Reflow process with or without N²


  • Full or selective soldering (Leaded or Leadfree)
  • Extensive experience with Pin In Paste technology (PHT process on SMD lines)
  • Leaded or RoHS local soldering
  • Panel separation with milling (total or partial), V-cut

Final assembly

  • Monitored screwing with torque / angle control
  • Vision check at the end of line (connectors, screw presence,…)
  • Lines with U-shape / Lean concepts and Poka-Yoke integration

Testing and inspection

  • X-Ray Machine off line (hidden joints: LGA , QFN  quality analysis)
  • SPI post printing for paste inspection (2 VISCOMs , 1 Koh-Young 3D in line, 1 offline)
  • Shop loop control (AOI post reflow & wave & local soldering): 7 VISCOMs
  • Test in situ and functional test with high test coverage levels
  • Flying probe off line
  • More advanced inspection if needed
  • High level in test design, including new technologies such as HF, Video, Wifi, BT, DAB, CAN, VAN, UART & SW loading


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